About Us

In 2019 Nicole Litven started Island Escape Fragrances in Newfoundland Canada. Having worked with quality distributors of Fragrance oils for many years, and having first hand knowledge of many oils over her 14 years as a crafter!

In August 2020, Amanda MacPherson, being a long time friend of Nicole’s, had seen how much the business had grown, even to the point of adding Island Escape Signature Fragrances to their repertoire! She was keen on bringing these amazing fragrances to the UK, and sharing them with hand crafters here! With a few short meetings, the deal was done, and an amazing new opportunity for Amanda, and her brand new customers was born! 

Amanda has been a firefighter for many years, as well as co-owner at a beautiful pub in Scotland! But she had been yearning for something more. To make a difference, and have fun doing so! Excited to learn, and courageous enough to bring the finest fragrance oils to the UK, she opened Island Escape Fragrances UK!  Sister company to the Canadian counterpart! We can’t wait to grow, and bring in the fragrances you are looking for.

We hope you enjoy your time on the site, and if you have any questions at all you are welcome to email ukislandescape@gmail.com


Come grow with us!

Amanda MacPherson